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Thursday, 6 September 2012

a 100 before Hugglets

It's my 100 blog post! I would like to give you my big bear hug for the followers, new and old ones.
Thank you for taking a peek at my page and leaving me comments and hear my bits of sharing.
Instead of the audience from our place, UK, US and Russia are my major source of audience.
Yes, i can't believe that Russian takes the most regular and high traffic source on my blog page.
Others include Europe, Australian and other Asian countries. 

Cпасибо! Is this the right word to say thank you in Russian language. Please correct me if it's not.
I like Russian design very much besides bear making industry, i adore "your" graphic design and theories behind. Maybe i will document some of my readings on their books in the later post.
But please forgive me for my poor English if i try to quote or  my reinterpretation would be quite boring :/

Apart from this, i receive great encouragement during my poor days from a Chinese lady.  Though she's not living in our city or even we haven't meet before. But i' m sure, i will visit her one day. 謝謝您
These 2 bears are gone, they lived in different Asian countries, i missed them, i have those pictures of them.
Here i print them out, reduce their size and becomes my bookmark.
When i come across one of the questionnaire, asking about the culture reference or influence from the place where i lived, my jaws dropped. To be honest, European art & design, culture and  their way of living captures all my attention. It's just a sparkling idea for me to put with the Chinese ink painting.

Handcraft objects VS machine made and mass produced, which one do you prefer?

By this coming Sunday 9th Sept, the Teddies 2012 showing in Kensington Town Hall. Hope you can come.