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Friday, 14 September 2012

tutu train

Time flies, i am back now. I have precious memories this time.
First of all, the Bernard bear found a new home in London, thank you Dawn. S.
In the meantime, thanks for the support at the WSPA UK.

Another bonus is the value of knowledge from a visitor on that day, below is my main piece display on that day with a toy train bought near British Museum.
I chose this train model merely for the co-ordination with the male bear, called Benedette's outfit.
Actually, i didn't know much about the history of the code on the train. There are some abbreviation on both side of the train, coated with gold paint.
" S D J R " do you have any hints over them?
With the clear explanation of this visitor. I try to write them in short :
S- Somerset, D - Dorset, J- Joint and R- of course, Railway.
He explain how the geographical and historical reason on how it comes together and who makes this happens too.In the meantime, he recommends me to read more drawings for an artist called,
David Shepherds, i think it helps me to know more in a visual sense...
I can't imagine i was talking to a train driver at that time. Your valuable input means to me. It seems i have to extend my making with this props.

With special appreciation for those who come to my stand. I really wish to take a peek at each stand, the whole hearted efforts behind the stage and say hello to everyone. 

Ah, now i am day dreaming to go either East Somerset or West Somerset.