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Monday, 14 November 2011

we know bears that care

Girls cares, women care, men care? bears that care?

This is the most recent bear project which i committed to do for the charity auction held in Melbourne, for the benefit of ovarian cancer research - a disease that affect many women and their families.
For more information, please visit the following link:

Women has to due with many challenges nowadays, friendship, courtship, family life, business life and career life.
Will you have time to listen and follow the news and reports on health issue?

When i was a small, i lost my favourite class teacher who was suffered from breast cancer. I asked my parents what it is and why... but they seems very reluctant to explain that is something you will understand when you grow up.

After graduated, i lost my aunt, who was suffered from breast and cervical cancer. In my memories, she was an outgoing, energetic, positive strong woman who is positive to hold up responsibilities, care family members.
She make use her leisure time to do voluntary work for the society during her recovery. She always shows her smile
each time when we visit,
Her lights and power glows in my heart.

I made a bear, Pierrot. My charity work is minimal, instead of raising fund for the research on ovarian cancer, i wish people can show their awareness to care and support women or people who suffered from this kind of cancer.

Thank you for your interest on reading this information. Wish you can find out something valuable for this Christmas.

Friday, 11 November 2011

updated bear events

With some more information from some bear people, there are much more events coming:
especially in America, go to the link attached for more information. Good luck my friend.
Here comes some photos of the Mittagong show. It's a doll and bear show. There are many active doll maker who devotes their time and skills in making bits and pieces of the outfit. I adore and admire their skills. As they say, it's not difficult, just need your patience to work on it.
This is one of my fav. store: Karen's Artistic Touch:

And one more great table on bears and animal by Robyn at A Gunnie Collectibles:

I like her Gollies and animal's fabrication, the clashing of short pile mini bear fabric to very long pile fur which is very interesting to think and feel their texture rather than visual perception.
May i recall her quotes on the back of her name card:
" All our collectables are designed & created to put a smile in your heart and a light in your eyes"
Finally my bears arrived a place with Hot Christmas:

It's a pity that many great store material supplier and creations only do local business.
Finally, i have an extremely early Christmas greetings to many of you,

oh, wish you can focus on these little tiny mice, instead of those horrible brand reflection.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bear events and shows

Dear my friend,
Are you busy in preparing bear shows?
Here are the link of the upcoming events before the end of 2011.
Don't miss it. Mark your calendar if you can join or hear the news from other bear making friends.
If there are some more additional information, please leave a comment here.
Looking forward to hear you soon.

Who is Who in bear making, Christmas Bazaar. 5, 6 Nov.

Mittagong Doll & Bear show, 6 Nov.
Scottish Bear Fair, 6 Nov.
Teddies Worldwide Online Bear Show, 18-20
Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Awards, 20 Nov.
The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event, 20 Nov.
Hansebar, Hamburg, 27 Nov

woohoohoo, 7 shows in November, must be very busy to work on, to participate and to pay :)
and there is still one show in December:
Salon Ours et Poupees Passion, 4 Dec.

wish you have a wonderful show and a beary happy sewing day.