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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

tea spa

hi, haven't post for ages, how are you, friend?
there is a gift from my friend last visit to Canada, so nicely packed with finger size proportion.
do you remember the taste and fragrance of Ceylon tea?
she has a light smell but dark brown color which bring my interest to do some dyeing...
i find that there is a need for me to do some investigation over my favorite fur, alpaca.
apart from inviting friends to my den, how about my little friend...:)
he doesn't like drinking tea much but suggested to have a hot tea spa on his own

that's what i did last nite, i feel it's a bit dark but when i wake up this morning, it turns out to be curly, dense and a used tone which is my favorite color, i' m still curious on warm colors, so i did an experiment this morning with mango color.
how it will be?