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Monday, 19 September 2011

it's time for present

hello, i was back from the trip for a few days, gotta to share photos with you. the weather was fine last week.

Life is not easy, like reading this words in our daily life

at the British Library near St Pancras station. The picture ( by Patrick Hughes - 1996) below is 3 dimensional, you can see those shelves got different perspectives while you are moving from left to right or vice versa.

you can only use the reading rooms facilities once you got a Reader Pass.
As a foreigner, i can still visit their museum, it's free. On the day i visited, the showing theme is ' Out of this world'
i' m not a futurist, but still curious on how people perceive our living nature and there is a hot topic while reading other Russian bear artist included steam punk as their inspiration.

For more fantasy item of future, have a look at this link

the Hampton Court Palace

the conservation of the gate in the palace

the components of the show

with the rabbit lantern again, we celebrate the Mid- Autumn Festival.

I went up to a suburb by train, can't imagine when i return from the journey, i got the wrong train, is a transit with stops went to another's horrible to get back to Paddington train station by taxi and got back my luggage to the airport, late late! But the picture shown is a beautiful farm, lots of farm with sheep and horses.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

tea flavored bears

Finally, i have finished 2 more bears under my exploration over the tea dye for the show in Hugglets, the visitors in the show really curious on my different approach taken on using alpaca. One of the feedback was he thought if i have an overall color control over the aqua bear, he will take this. I will take this comment into my future investigation :) These 2 bears are still in my hug, wish you still like them.
The one on the left called, Mint and the one on the right called Citron.