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Friday, 13 January 2012

special gift

it has been late for me to update the good stuff, as i mentioned, i was lucky to have my first blog giveaway, just can't imagine it arrives just a few days after i got the notification.

I love the whole package, there is a box tied with net stripe, another knots with ribbons and vintage flower, open the box, a mild scent approaching me, just like opening our linen wardrobe, underneath the tissue paper, there are 2 separate item, my hands are busy, just can't wait to pick up the darling little girl, Paula and give her a soft hug, i love to touch her nose, as flat as mine ;) i was surprised by the hand feel, it's really hard, do you know i wish i can accomplish this level of stuffing long? i still don't know how to do this...

on the other side of the package, is a set of envelop with the bears image on top, it seems to receive a special letter for bear, Paula, and it marks at: Paula's Travel Paper, with bear artist contact information, when i pulled out the card, is a certificate of bear's identity together with her mother, Janice's signature.
And at last there is also a small swing tag, the design are co-ordinates with the pieces which i described above. They are under careful estimation and also it's a unique graphic design crafts. The total satisfaction is 100 %.
What an amazing gift i received!

Monday, 2 January 2012

my bonus

it's not the time for year end bonus, but i am sure that there are something more valuable than this.
i was informed on the last day of 2011, i win the blog giveaway! Did i tell you that i haven't win anything since i started blogging? This bear, Paula was made by Janice Woodard, she is one of my favourite bear artist in US. Her design is feminine and i am also the one who love to collect vintage stuff and lace. So, you can imagine how i fall in love with her furry friends.
If you want to know more about Janice design, just press the top right photo.
And here, i would like to show my first cake making with my kids, the blueberry cheesecake, the menu is shared from another UK bear artist,
today i share this cake with my neighbors and their kids, they love the flavor and texture, and don't mind my failure of the burnt digestive biscuit base... hehe, they are so generous :P
this is a lovely world for sharing and giving, Give and take, i have the responsibility to share something , finger crossedxx

Happy New Year!