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Saturday, 30 June 2012

teddy bears for WSPA UK

There are many bears donated from bear artist, manufacturer and shops. The aim for this event is to help  fund the Sanctuary for Rescued Bears in Romania. For more information on the adoption, please visit their website and go to the official link to know more about the bear sanctuaries.
Wish you can take time to read through. This event starts now until the 20th July. I wish we can support this.
Bernard, the sailor bear is available there. Scroll down to the bottom of this page with the WSPA banner..

Thursday, 14 June 2012

a new member in the family

Hi, i just add a new member to the small family of my working tools ... it's a nail clipper!
Those hand tools helps me making the bear's head. I used to choose scissors for trimming.
While on the other hand i also need help of using hemostat or tweezer for removing the fur's root for the bear's muzzle.
By the end of the day, i was much satisfied with the nail clipper, it comes up with clean finish.
Have a happy bear making time!

Friday, 1 June 2012

O summer bear

The weather is really hot here, around 30degree celsius most of the time. Uh... i am going to melt in summer.
Here i want to share you my fav treats which is very accessible for everyone, the strawberry flavor ice-cream.
See the photo, i think of this global  ff shop, i only support their ice-cream... then nothing else.
Do you think the strawberry juice color a bit lighter than before?

The color and texture are always deep in my mind, will recall this economical choice to brighten up my dull days ;)
And yes, i would like to put this fantasy into action. Very pleased that Joanne from did lots of wonderful experiment on dying projects, share her experience and give me some samples to try. I worked on my alpaca. Unlike the tea dye alpaca ( longer time in the pot, takes the color both the pile and the backing) on my previous experiment, this time the pile of alpaca takes color easily but not the backing.
I have the intention to remain some parts not dyeing to see the gradation of the original color.
Below are the photos collage on the making, there are some feature which fits into my desired treats. Hope you like him, Yoyo.