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Monday, 25 February 2013

our early spring

Hello from the warm side of continent, i am awake :)
Sorry that i haven't successfully post anything here due to an error occured on photo posting since January.   Perhaps someone can give me an answer.
Anyway, i wish to share some of the pic i took in Feb, is our Chinese New Year. It marks after winter solstice, we'd great family union on meals. This year falls on the 10th Feb, 2013, the year of Snake.
Name: Chinese New Year flower (吊鐘花)

The above pic is taken during our last family hiking spot, country park rather than New year flower market.

Handmade craft by Catholic
Nice structure with background of our high- rise residential building.
 These pictures are taken at flower market at HK Island and thank you for their souvenir to us.

The Red packet by UNICEF, please don't forget those needed when we have spare money :) 

Before ended up my writing, a belated greetings for my bloggers, a healthy Snake year!
Some sweet moment to share, it's Chinese Valentine's Day (元宵節) a day before and i cooked this for my hubby.

Tang-yuan, sweet dumplings with black sesame ( 湯圓)

I add my personal favour which the small plate hold: Osmanthus (桂花). I already added into another boiling bowl filled with water & ginger, then add this dried flower and finally with the rock sugar or dark brown sugar. It has an attractive warm fresh charming fragrance. According to some readings, it serves efficiency of cough, phlegm and health lungs, and relieve dry mouth and gastrointestinal discomfort.
On the other side, wait until it's fully cooked in another saucepan to avoid the leakage of black sesame fillings.
The sweet dumplings, Tang-yuan homophonic family union, symbolize unity and happiness.
I remember on the same day of Chinese Valentine's day, is also a teddy bear event in UK, i read a post ,
which makes my day. Thank you.