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Monday, 13 January 2014

a present -Yelen Bryksenkova

Collecting illustration from children's book to postcard print are part of my  hobby. So, this would be my favourtie present for myself.
Yelena Bryksenkova 's illustrations attracts me for certain reason.
She was  born in St. Petersburg, Russia and raised in Northeast Ohio. Educated at the Maryland Institude College of Art and the academy of applied and  decorative arts in Prague, Czech Republic.
She uses pen, water colour, acrylic
and gouache to define her love of  home and comfort from everyday objects.
Much more than that, she  likes to work on magical, mysterious and  melancholy themes.
 They are charming and i like her detailed pattern work, special rendered  spaces and posture for her characters. It shows the femininity towards  our life.
For more information  of her work, here provide the link to her page.
my collection of her work, the reader
cat nap
the human zoo

the above  images by Yelena Bryksenkova are all rights  reserved.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sailor Candy comes to say hello for the preview photo of the online show, Teddies Worldwide, Christmas Treasure.
Christmas treats is the suggested theme to artists in this show, here is something nice from my last year collection at a discount store. I love this snowman, is made of glass, makes me feel cold and fragile but his cheerful face melts my heart..

I wish to invite you to join,  from FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15 - SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17Show starts and ends at  4pm New York Time

Sunday, 22 September 2013

flash back

duos- black bears sharing their blues
trios-hearing mother's words at the back stage

Louise Peers Miniature Bears
Sue Quinn
Burlington Bearties
Thingumy & Co
Shultz Characters
The Old Post Office Bears
Mary Myrtle Miniatures
All Bear

Gregory Gyllenship
Shantock Bears
Bears by Tracey
Jack & Lilia

Every Rose
Jumi Bear
Something Bruin
Tonni Bears

Elena Donat
Melissa Creations

Karen Alderson Artist Design
    another artist from the stand of Yellow Blue, Olga Skavos 
  1. For more photos, please visit:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

peek-a-boo bears

Sorry for being not sociable here. I was working on certain dark colors fabric recently.
I try to explore many ways on seeing my own work after finished.
Here, i would like to draw your attention in this presentation.
I will have more to show in July and August. Please remember to come back :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

for my mum

Wish to say thank you to my dearest mum's upbringing and caring.
I print out those beautiful scenario during our last visit of the floral market together with a drawing from my latest nominated dressed bear: Pandy May, at the Glaserner Teddybar contest 2012.
To my surprise, the certificate i received has my bear's image on it and i love the prize, they are mohair from Lou's Bear.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fukushima - 2 years

This is my recent drawing of a panda mother and her child.
It starts from the news i read from our local news report. It has been 2 years since the earthquake, tsunami attack Japan.We can see that ceremonies held in different nations, reports on reconstruction and rebuilding progress keep on going by the contribution of all level of efforts.
One of the news reported that about a family at Fukushima. There is a nurse (池田美千子)working at a care center for elderly, she exposed to radiation and discovered her pregnancy after this incident. After 2 years, this baby boy is healthy.
I was touch by this and really wish the next generation stay positive to the future. Enjoy the family time.
In March, April and May, the beauty of cherry blossom starts from south to north. the splashes of white and pink covers the grassland, mountains and river. One of my friend told me that the most amazing moment is the flower pedal falls, called (櫻花雪) sakura snow... sorry i am not so sure it's the right translation. Please correct me if it's not.
The patching floral paper on this drawing, is from a very precious Japanese craft paper collection. They are all embossed with different seasonal theme. I love them and very hard for me to have a cut on it.

Finally, i consider to turn this drawing and prints add on into a card. It is still blank inside. I really wish one day this card can be sent to the family mentioned above...

P.S. If anyone wish to download this image, please send me an email for permission before use.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

the teddy bear show by Mitzi TV

an updated link wish to share with you, behind the crafty hands of teddy bear artist, those are the messages they share:
i would like to express my gratitude to Dawn James, who took part in the miles of  hard walk in Romania and your climbing the mountains for the bear sanctuary.
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania
Bear Sanctuary in Romania