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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fukushima - 2 years

This is my recent drawing of a panda mother and her child.
It starts from the news i read from our local news report. It has been 2 years since the earthquake, tsunami attack Japan.We can see that ceremonies held in different nations, reports on reconstruction and rebuilding progress keep on going by the contribution of all level of efforts.
One of the news reported that about a family at Fukushima. There is a nurse (池田美千子)working at a care center for elderly, she exposed to radiation and discovered her pregnancy after this incident. After 2 years, this baby boy is healthy.
I was touch by this and really wish the next generation stay positive to the future. Enjoy the family time.
In March, April and May, the beauty of cherry blossom starts from south to north. the splashes of white and pink covers the grassland, mountains and river. One of my friend told me that the most amazing moment is the flower pedal falls, called (櫻花雪) sakura snow... sorry i am not so sure it's the right translation. Please correct me if it's not.
The patching floral paper on this drawing, is from a very precious Japanese craft paper collection. They are all embossed with different seasonal theme. I love them and very hard for me to have a cut on it.

Finally, i consider to turn this drawing and prints add on into a card. It is still blank inside. I really wish one day this card can be sent to the family mentioned above...

P.S. If anyone wish to download this image, please send me an email for permission before use.