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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the ACD award is open

Good morning, welcome to my page, both of my critters are available, please visit them here

Let's celebrate the anniversary of Beatrix Potter!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

inside the letter

Oh...i am thrilled to see what's inside the letter from Australia. It's a precious medal rolled over my palm, a tiny photo of the official bear image of the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair 2011 was framed on the front of the bronze medal, it has a light weight as most of my 6" bears. At the back, it marked down with the category i participate, this is my first Australian competition i joined, and i am looking forward to see more in the coming future.
Special thanks for the people working behind this event.

Thanks for your support and votes all along. Here is my entry bear, Mushroom.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

real practice

are you familiar with this wee face? it's from one of my creation early in Jan.
i remake her from head to toe, stuff again, making her new face, eyes n nose, sounds like women doing plastic surgery;P
glad i learned from TT, i try to make the claws on her, using leather thronging for the first try, wish it won't like branches sticking out.
she's checking her claws, i think she need to paint and polish, maybe i will do her the nail manicure..
see you soon with her paws shaking!

P.S. i wish to say thank you to the generous TT bear artist of your teaching^O^

Saturday, 21 May 2011

online show sharing II

it's midnight, 0028, i am so happy to share the first adopted bear from the online show:
she is inspired from my last pincushion challenge for the Melbourne Teddy Bear Fair.
and at that time, one of my blogger asking me whether i was doing a bear peer rather than pear peer.
i am lucky the alpaca goes so well with the woven fabric i used for the pincushion while i started brainstorming.
This picture is dedicated to those who not only love eating pears but also the one who is looking for peer.

thanks for taking a peek at the online show.
hugs, susana

Friday, 13 May 2011

receive a gift from Singapore a gift for baby, hehe, not for my big kid, is for a bear. I try to look at all bears in my hug, see who is the most suitable for this charming gift. Finally i pick him up and have a nice try.
see this hood, well made with lots of details and i play with the flip flop ears :)))

thank you, friends!

Monday, 9 May 2011

getting more closer to the work - part II

Hi, welcome back to my page! today i have to continue my second critter: Jemima and the Doodle,
In my previous blog post, i attain her information from the digital media, Miss Potter and the rhymes, Jemima and the Puddle Duck, retold by Ewan Mcgregor.
I was moved by Miss Potter passion to preserve the farmland, which in turn, as a landowner adopted methods of agricultural preservation, to built an estate in the English Lake District with 15 farms that ultimately donated to the National Trust of England. She give up the wealthy life from her parents and moved to a small cottage, surrounded with poultry, farmland, blue blue lake water. As i remember, there was a plot shown her creation of a duck drawings sparkle the new life at the new place with her new start of romance...
Miss Potter was affected by the natural world and how she in turn, inspired children through her work and cared for the environment.

As long as i cannot get the reply from an authorized stamp original image, It is uneasy to get these 2 reference picture, they are postcard issued by the railway company of the English lake side environment.

Finally, choose the aqua blue mohair for the bear and other color arrangements are based on this. I prefer the banal dress type with some glass alphabet beads hanging over her chest, those trimmings and silk flower are solely a representation of my personal collection.

It's a bit cheeky for me to bring some words from the film... "this is something delcious writing the first word of the story, you can never quite tell where they will take you, mine took me here"
i never know where i would be from the start of reading and designing , her story and history brings me there!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

getting more closer to the work

Hello, it has been taking many weeks for me to reveal my work on Beatrix Potter. Yes, i can release more on my 2 entries of the Australian Creative Design award officially. Come here with a cup of tea...

My first entry is Little Miss Potter, i do certain findings of books and a film about her, learn that she has a close friend accompany her in her lonely childhood memory, a rabbit, she do lots of sketches and at that time, she develop her sense and interest of sketching the animal and nature environment around. Her scientific drawings, the botanical studies and the three talented Armitt sisters share the same aims and ideals of natural history, and their ambition of nature conservation. For reference on those microscope work and experiments, letters and essay of Beatrix Potter, most of them are kept in the Armitt Library in Ambleside.

I try to imitate her drawings of fungi and her way of seeing to my design, and here, i prepare theme board for your reference from strokes to stitches and the making of pattern pieces, they come up with over 30 pieces to make the whole comes out, and i got fun with those tiny glass beadings put inside over her front leg, a bit floppy when i shake hands with her.

I made her a sketch book with a calico cover, on top is an photographic image transferred from my paper clay work a few years ago. Wish you like her :)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

online show sharing

Hello, i would like to invite you to my first online show, " Let your teddy bear dreams come true". I have an idea to work on, 'FRUIT'. Yes, my bear fruit ;)
To me, fruit is the hard work of a farmer, starting from the tiny little seeds lie in our hands. It's even harder due to the unexpected bad weather lately. So, i am very pleased to have a fresh, sweet and juicy fruit in front of me. Or i will smell and taste one instantly.
I have chose my favourite fruit for my bears, apple, strawberry, pear and peach.
Reply to one of my blogger message, there would be a pear bear in this show :)
Wish you love them...
summer time is coming, how about to make a fruit picking trip?!