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Sunday, 8 May 2011

getting more closer to the work

Hello, it has been taking many weeks for me to reveal my work on Beatrix Potter. Yes, i can release more on my 2 entries of the Australian Creative Design award officially. Come here with a cup of tea...

My first entry is Little Miss Potter, i do certain findings of books and a film about her, learn that she has a close friend accompany her in her lonely childhood memory, a rabbit, she do lots of sketches and at that time, she develop her sense and interest of sketching the animal and nature environment around. Her scientific drawings, the botanical studies and the three talented Armitt sisters share the same aims and ideals of natural history, and their ambition of nature conservation. For reference on those microscope work and experiments, letters and essay of Beatrix Potter, most of them are kept in the Armitt Library in Ambleside.

I try to imitate her drawings of fungi and her way of seeing to my design, and here, i prepare theme board for your reference from strokes to stitches and the making of pattern pieces, they come up with over 30 pieces to make the whole comes out, and i got fun with those tiny glass beadings put inside over her front leg, a bit floppy when i shake hands with her.

I made her a sketch book with a calico cover, on top is an photographic image transferred from my paper clay work a few years ago. Wish you like her :)