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Monday, 9 May 2011

getting more closer to the work - part II

Hi, welcome back to my page! today i have to continue my second critter: Jemima and the Doodle,
In my previous blog post, i attain her information from the digital media, Miss Potter and the rhymes, Jemima and the Puddle Duck, retold by Ewan Mcgregor.
I was moved by Miss Potter passion to preserve the farmland, which in turn, as a landowner adopted methods of agricultural preservation, to built an estate in the English Lake District with 15 farms that ultimately donated to the National Trust of England. She give up the wealthy life from her parents and moved to a small cottage, surrounded with poultry, farmland, blue blue lake water. As i remember, there was a plot shown her creation of a duck drawings sparkle the new life at the new place with her new start of romance...
Miss Potter was affected by the natural world and how she in turn, inspired children through her work and cared for the environment.

As long as i cannot get the reply from an authorized stamp original image, It is uneasy to get these 2 reference picture, they are postcard issued by the railway company of the English lake side environment.

Finally, choose the aqua blue mohair for the bear and other color arrangements are based on this. I prefer the banal dress type with some glass alphabet beads hanging over her chest, those trimmings and silk flower are solely a representation of my personal collection.

It's a bit cheeky for me to bring some words from the film... "this is something delcious writing the first word of the story, you can never quite tell where they will take you, mine took me here"
i never know where i would be from the start of reading and designing , her story and history brings me there!