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Monday, 14 November 2011

we know bears that care

Girls cares, women care, men care? bears that care?

This is the most recent bear project which i committed to do for the charity auction held in Melbourne, for the benefit of ovarian cancer research - a disease that affect many women and their families.
For more information, please visit the following link:

Women has to due with many challenges nowadays, friendship, courtship, family life, business life and career life.
Will you have time to listen and follow the news and reports on health issue?

When i was a small, i lost my favourite class teacher who was suffered from breast cancer. I asked my parents what it is and why... but they seems very reluctant to explain that is something you will understand when you grow up.

After graduated, i lost my aunt, who was suffered from breast and cervical cancer. In my memories, she was an outgoing, energetic, positive strong woman who is positive to hold up responsibilities, care family members.
She make use her leisure time to do voluntary work for the society during her recovery. She always shows her smile
each time when we visit,
Her lights and power glows in my heart.

I made a bear, Pierrot. My charity work is minimal, instead of raising fund for the research on ovarian cancer, i wish people can show their awareness to care and support women or people who suffered from this kind of cancer.

Thank you for your interest on reading this information. Wish you can find out something valuable for this Christmas.