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Monday, 20 August 2012


A month! I have been missing here for a long time, so where am i?
Still on earth, busy with my children, i think Mother nature supposed to be bearly busy when their children having a long holidays. Both my boys enjoy their water sports activities much especially things that they cannot do in usual school daysss!

I am pleased the weather was pretty good with lots of sunshine. Feeling lively. Hope both of them appreciate this precious chance to embrace the sea. I love the reservoir, lake, sea and ocean, the sense of silence which can bring one to escape from the wall of the city. I do take some pic (when you still see the clear sky ) to share with you. They are great places here in Hong Kong you can enjoy your windsurfing, canoeing and sailing. Our nature did change a lot, many places and scarce resources were pull down, disappearing and ignored.

In the meantime, we do enjoy a concert a day before, which is a popular band, TAT Ming Pair, at my teens generation, yes, many many years ago :P Instead of the hot issue at our place on questioning the education,  i am attracted not merely by the image of the lead singer, is his thought, the identity, the value and what we are facing towards anarchy, norms and rules while we are doing creating and making.

the close-up of dragon boat for Tuen Ng festival each year