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Friday, 11 May 2012

running a long race

Can you guess who win the race?
The handsome bear in a felt racing car or the bunny??
Hehe, they both win and melt in my heart.
Thanks for the generosity from the blog giveaway of Shultz characters.
The top picture is a postcard with a bear design sitting in a felted racing car, a special design from Paula & Simon Strethill. 
Below is what i win in the Easter blog give away by Paula. I am so excited and still bouncing around like a kid.
This is a broach made of alpaca, as you know this is my favourtie material over the years of making bears.
At the back, i can feel the backing is different, seems have a special treatment coherence with the design of felt car above, this broach is not flat, have raised effect, like a relief work. There are some nice trimming over this tiny broach.
I am so pleased to have this chance having this precious gift, avant garde design with traditional qualities.
If you are interested with their design, click on the bunny picture on the right hand side which go straight to her blog or visit their web site here:
P.S. the broach is sitting on the book of  my beloved illustrator's, Emily Gravett, " The Rabbit Problem"
and yes, i noticed to win this bunny since April, guess it's almost a month age to me :)