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Thursday, 22 March 2012

before the tea party

where have you been? i was busy for farewell friend, wedding dinner and kid's exam, and all the time is fully occupied. The schedule is booked without making bears for a week, though my mind are always there :P
I finally finished the show pieces, touch the minimum requirement, yes, five bears, not something experimental, but did try a new angle on mini bear fabric, i start on sewing small as i think once you are getting older, your eyes sight may not be better than those days...
and yes, it takes a lot of patience on every stitch, and my hands are far too ' strong ' which bent those needles on first two bear. one more thing to share, i add leather on those mini bears, based on some suggestion, i am happy with the sewing without wearing thimble this time, see the attached photo. it's crucial that you got to have a good start on knowing on your tools before sewing. This pack is from UK and nylon thread are best combo.

finally, i share some nice treats from my last gathering with friends and kids: " the chocolate party" we share a 5 kg Nutella chocolate jam, what a sweet memory.

quick reminder for the upcoming online show, you are welcome to join this tea party on this Saturday and Sunday, for your time zone, pls check the link.\%s+Tea+Party+Online+Show&iso=20120323T16&p1=68&sort=1