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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

after preview is a review

Thanks for those who visit my page of the online show.
I really love this theme as i love treats and dessert very much. Among the afternoon tea treats, scones, are my favourite. If you are going to have a party, go to this link now, you are free to download worldwide recipe for tea.
Looking back to the development on this making, i was unsure to make a final judgement on what reference should i draw and start on, as i love little girl learn to serve friends for tea party or tea party of any generation, the last but not least is our Chinese Tea culture. But for a matter of globalization, there are some common value or experience when we are having tea. So i wish to bring the kinds of tea to start on.

There are 2 kinds of tea i start with, one is Lavender and the other is Jasmine. One of my colleague artist said she have the idea to name her bear as Lavender too, so the other 2 small bears are the shades derived from purple, they are Aoi, is Japanese means blue and the other bear is Murasaki, means purple. Hehe, just to avoid the appearance of common name when people try to adopt bears.
I like using sassy fabric, because it's more economical for me to do so and to explore.
My experience is they are quick to cut and stuff but take longer time to run a stitch line.
What color you start to sew, i usually choose the backing color of it, but this time, the smoked sassy fabric 'tells' me that you have to choose a darker shade on it.
When i start the synthetic fabric on Murasaki, gosh the hair is flat and not smooth to pass the needle. it needs double patience to cut and sew.
This is a good experience to learn the qualities of each kind of fabric, the other way is on how to put the kind of fabric into the pattern. As most of you know, the pile length will completely change the look of a bear, it's better to open up our eyes and hands to discover though i am utterly a conservative person.
Another horrible experience on making the biggest bear in this show is Jasmine. Initially i try to merge the neck to the head, i mean in drafting the pattern. It doesn't work on, so the first bear head is a failure in this mission, and i under calculate this, so not enough yellow alpaca for me to use, a week is passed for this mistake! Then i changed another design with fabric matching,
In front of me, there was also a very long pile and a bit different hand feel alpaca. I wish they are harmony with each other, then i traced back my experience last time on my dyeing project last year. I washed the yellow alpaca with hot soapy water, it shrinks a bit and the alpaca becomes a bit curly. I like this result, yellow and curled.
There was a lot scissors sculpting on the head when you have to set the eyes and nose, which have to look balanced. i only leave the gusset part a bit curly to have a coherence on the fur of the bodice as wel
The brown alpaca is super furry with 22mm pile length which makes her looks Big especially over her arms.
The choice of using different length of fur on a design is new to me, have to take risk in pattern and joint adjustment
from time to time. So i would mark down this for further project, at least order double the quantity for the trail and error.
Very pleased that she is adopted.

There are two show pieces awaiting for a new home, if you are interested, please go to my page of my latest design.