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Sunday, 5 February 2012

covering my nose

Hello guys, i miss the day posting here, not sure you will miss me :P
Poor days on health problem, it would be the worst if you want to sew but cough, cough, cough!
I try hard to start with wearing 2 layers of mask to cut the fabric and remove a layer while sewing, nearly suffocated...
that's what i am working on bear, he/ she is going to be cover with tissue paper on the nose, not because of illness.
i try to make a paper mache nose again.

this is the project, called it project A have to finished by the end of this month, i will have a detail documentation this time.
meanwhile, i have to finalized the decision and fabrication on the "Tea's"project. They will be based on different fragrances of tea. Will 'talk' more next time, cause coughing again :(