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Monday, 18 July 2011

panda, red panda

Haven't go to the Ocean Park for a few years, we miss our old friend, visited them on last Saturday, they are the ambassador of the Panda: An An - male, 19 yrs old, Jia Jia - female, 27 yrs old. I can't imagine they are at the adult age. There are also 2 panda, Ying Ying - female, and Le Le - male, both 6 yrs old who came to Hong Kong since 2007 for the celebration of the Hong Kong return to Chinese sovereignty. They were born in the China Conservation and Research Center in Wolong in Sichuan province.

During the visit, we are always remind that to keep our voice down not only educate children the awareness on their living , for an adult, we have to learn their survival problem they are facing and help to prevent the extinction.
There are several means and ways to show our support from the park facilities.

Sure, i also want to enclose the close neighbors of panda, ...the red panda, they got lovely fur, beautiful patching of colors, and i must show my gratitude to the park as they set the stage for tourist of taking good pictures for them.