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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the article of TB&F

Did you receive the fall issue of Teddy Bear & Friends? I am so excited to share this with you.
There are 9 new teddy bear artist featured in the topic of " New Kids on the Block"

Luckily, "berries bear " is included. We are prepared to answer the questions. It was such an enjoyable moment to look back of when we get started, what we've done, why we did this... and furthermore there is a question which i find it's really interesting to share: Have you had any funny failures or errors while making bears?
For the past failure, um... i sometimes get stuck with certain technical problem or certain facial expression, i would make them hide into the box and restart a new one. So it's such a great experience to think positively on the attitude to encounter difficulties and impose another way of seeing this. Thanks God, my mind are enlightened by several famous artist who are willing to give me opinions all the way through.
Do stop by and read the featured artists, they are Becky Chase ( Dangerbears), Cheryl Hutchinson (Bingle Bears), Danielle Roothooft ( Pussman & Co.), Lainy Musgrove (Heirloom Bears), Lori Jarret (Loria Designs)Stacy Haines (Bare Bottom Bears), Yana Lengina and one of our local artist, Rita Yu (YuYu Bear).
The last but not the least, is my dear bear collector and also writer, Felicia Hymer, she suggested an ideal place to travel: Bearizonia.