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Friday, 8 April 2011

other crafty ideas to work on

hello my friends, after five hard working days, any plan for the coming weekend?
i do have a visit the BAO blog to see the nominee result, can't see any hints of my work ;(
anyway, i still got some ideas for my later design, will show you guys once finished.

here, i would like to suggest some crafty project to work on, pincushion.
not only for oneself, but for the message to raise people awareness over this 2 organizations:
1.Bricks for Bears 2. Woodbury autism education & research
you can choose which charity you would like to support, i choose the second one as i understand children's development is really crucial to their future life not only autism but to those, one of my kid, suffering from learning difficulties too.
i wish i can do more but some commission bear are lining up plus one more online show is coming...