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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

the making of theme board

I' ve finished the submission of 2 entries on the ACD award for a week, there' re few days for me to pack and organize those lovely swatches and experiment which i want to keep them for my reference.
Therefore, i made these 2 theme board:
the first entry named Miss Potter, she is a rabbit based on the real life of Beatrix Potter, from her favorite hobby, drawing since she was a child to her favorite issue, study of fungi. I learn from her perspective in observation, those markings and strokes are incorporated into my design, finally, i drew and the tiny little sketchbook with fabric cover was born...

the second entry name Jemima, is a girl bear, i was totally attracted by the story, Jemima Puddle duck. May i share this unfortunate poor mommy duck. First of all, i don't agree Jemima is a kind of foolish character, rather i think she is a desperate duck wish to hatch her own eggs, so uneasy to protect the tiny little life. She is innocent and helpless which ends up with a tolerate tragedy.
But what i think, Beatrix wants the little reader learn to have a positive mind to encounter difficulties: strangers, seek for help , how to face the loss from reality and the courage together with patience after the misfortune.
Moreover, i try to highlight Potter's value over the preservation of agriculture, she devoted more thoughts and efforts on the farmland, Hill Top, the English Lake District, those fantasy character animals were born over there, the simple and quiet banal style of living was deeply rooted in my mind.
sorry, i still have to wait for the permission of attaching a copy of a photo of the English Lake District as the blank bottom of the theme board...