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Saturday, 22 December 2012


this is a posting, a day after the 21st of this month.
it supposed nothing happens afterwards, when most people believed it's the doomsday.
as usual, there are things piled up already, so we still need to work, and we all wish to have a break for some gathering and relax.
i believe when there is a start, there must be a time come to the end, all we can do is be responsible of a duty, stay positive and satisfy what we have.
and yes, it's the date of my old buddy's birthday, the date of submission on Toby's Award, party and performance....
once more, is bear Rafa comes to live in the current issue of Teddy Bear & Friends, he's the same size as the real one, i am pleased to see this.

a new year is coming, many of us have plans for our future, have a dream of living in a warm and caring future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!