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Thursday, 1 November 2012

walking in the autumn times

is the first day of November, we do nothing for the Halloween yesterday, how about you?
My family and i have a walk to the nearest country park a week ago at the Chung Yeung Festival.
On that day, the weather was sunny and warm. We are very pleased to see the top part of the waterfall.
the stream water is so clear and pure. Then we spent time in the middle of the stream, the water is so cool, some adult bring their tea leaves and use the stream water, boiling hot tea there and some kids even do fishing there.
Here are some findings on the way through. I just bring one of my furry friend, Florentia with me.
Can't believe she's so energetic, see, even climbing up the rock.

If you recognize her face, she's my last experiment on wool felting experiment. Actually is a merino wool and alpaca rooting on her muzzle. I add a semi transparent acrylicon her embroidered nose to have a contrast against the natural material. I made her a tiny leather bag, she can collect some dry leaves for future use.
Not sure you like this... She belongs to my collection of Potpourri.
I like the density of orange and mustard color mixed with brownsss. Hope to show you more in the later days.
P.S. Florentia picked up some nice flower, Gordonia, which is blooming all over the mountain.