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Thursday, 16 June 2011

new stuff

i miss the day to share with you, here with my bear.
sometimes, i had some head stuffed a head for practice to see the marginal difference between the 7mm to 10mm alpaca behaves and adjust the pattern size. but when i do the open mouth design for the small bear, their head size always bigger than the initial design. therefore, i have to modify his face, this time, i stuff the bear head again.

aw, he looks funny when i get his stuffing out and lie on the desk, his smiling face poked out, perhaps i can make a 2 dimensional collage for him next time.

I had sculptured his eye socket and place his eyes a bit lower, area around the bridge of the muzzle (along the seamline) and mouth(over the upper jaw). The books by Nancy Tillberg and Jennifer Liang do help me a lot in tackling these problems. For the later steps are all patterns modification on the limbs.
He is still naked, i will make him a sailor collar, it's coming.
Forgot to tell you, his name is Little Dew, he's the little brother of Paula, as they got the same fur and fabric co-ordination.